mikromedia for XMEGA

  • TFT 320x240 display
  • VS1053 Stereo mp3 coder/decoder
  • microSD Card Slot


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Introduction to mikromedia for XMEGA®
The mikromedia for XMEGA® is a compact development system with lots of on-board peripherals which allow development of devices with multimedia contents. The central part of the system is a 8-bit ATxmega128A1 microcontroller. The mikromedia for XMEGA ® features integrated modules such as stereo MP3 codec, TFT 320x240 touch screen display, accelerometer, MMC/SD card slot, 8 Mbit flash memory, battery charger. The board also contains MINI-B USB connector, two 1x26 connection pads and other. It comes pre programmed with UART bootloader, but can also be programmed with external PDI programmers. Mikromedia is compact and slim, and perfectly fits in the palm of your hand, which makes it convenient platform  for mobile devices.

Downloads All you need to start


All you need to get started: Examples, manuals, and bootloader application. Download examples and load them in your mikroMedia to see how it works. Examples demonstrate each on-board module and are a great starting point for your future mikroMedia projects.



Examples are written for all mikroElektronika AVR compilers: mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal. They are well commented and each example contains working HEX file which you can load and use right away. Examples are available on the Libstock™ website.


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