Easy24-33 v6

  • Full-featured development system for PIC24 microcontroller based devices
  • USB 2.0 on-board programmer
  • Built-in debugger for testing programs in real time at hardware level
  • ZigBee communication is
  • On-board pads for placing additional boards


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Easy24-33 v6 Price $139.00

The Easy24-33 v6 development system  provides a development environment for programming and experimenting withPIC24  microcontrollers from Microchip . The system includes an on-board programmer with mikroICD support providing an interface between the microcontroller and a are simply expected to write a program in one of the dsPIC compilers,generate a .hex file and program your microcontroller using the on-board LvPICFlash programmer.Numerous modules, such as ZigBee, alphanumeric 2x16 LCD, piezo buzzer, etc,are provided on the board and allow you to easily simulate the operation of the target device

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