EasyPIC Fusion v7

  • dsPIC33, PIC24 & PIC32
  • mikroProg™ on board
  • Multimedia peripherals
  • mikroBUS™ support


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EasyPIC Fusion v7 Price $179.00

What is EasyPIC Fusion™ v7?

EasyPIC Fusion™ v7 combines support for three different architectures: dsPIC33, PIC24 and PIC32 in a single development board It contains many on-board modules, including multimedia, Ethernet, USB, CAN and other. On-board mikroProg™ programmer and debugger supports 65 microcontrollers via MCU cards

EasyPic fusion v7 Manual


[5.97 MB]


Easypic fusion v7 Schematic


[460 KB]

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