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Why choose Ready for PIC?

Ready for PIC Board is the best solution for fast and simple development of microcontroller applications using 28- and 40-pin PIC MCUs. It comes with PIC18F45K22 connected to 8MHz crystal oscillator. It contains four IDC10 headers for all available microcontroller ports, USB-UART module, prototyping area and a power supply circuit. Board is specially designed to fit into special white plastic casing which is sold separately.


All you need to get started: Examples, manuals, and bootloader application. Download examples and load them in your Ready for PIC to see how it works. Examples demonstrate each on-board module and are a great starting point for your future PIC projects.


Download Examples

Examples are written for all mikroE PIC compilers: mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal. They are well commented and each example contains working HEX file which you can load and use right away.

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