iP5A (5.5~450kW)

  • Dual PID
  • When additional PID control or Cascade PID control is required, Dual PID provides users various uses of the system with only iP5A
  • Multi Motor Control
  • The built-in algebra control function enables an inverter to control many motors without a controller so that user can take advantage of energy-saving and cost-down.
  • Sleep and Wake-Up
  • The built-in energy saving function makes inverter stop automatically when the capacity is very low.
  • Pre Heater
  • The pre heater function is built-in to prevent motor damage and inverter break-down caused from humidity
  • Flying Start
  • When the inverter drives many ventilators or when the fan in a big load system turns due to a natural convection, iP5A operates the motor by searching the motor speed automatically.
  • Auto energy saving
  • iP5A provides the auto energy saving function by the optimal flux control which minimizes an energy loss caused by a change of the load.
  • Improved Management from Instant Power-off and Power Dip Generation
  • Improved Management from Instant Power-off and Power Dip Generation
  • During the power Dip or instant power-off, which is generated by lightening, ground fault and power-failure, loads still keep the mechanical energy and this energy flows back to inverter by regeneration. The power-failure guarantee time is extended by usi
  • Constant and Stable Performancel (24 hours 365 days)
  • Regardless of outside alteration such as input voltage variation by load change or weather effect, iP5A can handle moter and load with best performance
  • Safety Stop
  • Safety Stop
  • When unexpected power-failure blocks power supply, inverter stops motor by using inertia energy of load that prevents unexpected second accident (Parameter setting is required).
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iP5A (5.5~450kW)


Fan & Pump specialized VFD Starvert iP5A series adopt various functions as standard for operation of Fan and Pump.

 5.5~30kW :IP5A-2       200~230V Class     3Phase

 5.5~450W :IP5A-4       380~480V Class     3Phase

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